Twin Flames - Reading from Sep 30 to Oct 7, 2019.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

We are currently experiencing a powerful reordering of historical timelines in the collective consciousness. Recent clearings of the planetary grid networks have granted access to systems of soul harvesting and Black Magic Grids, which are being dismantled at a rapid pace by the Starseed Collective. This important clearing has allowed healing of patriarchal lines and WW2 timelines that were powering the planetary networks with negative energy. Great amount of this energy has now been released and transmuted, allowing the liberation and healing of the souls trapped in those grids. The suffering generated by those historical events is being cleared at this time by the ascending collective, manifesting in this way a higher timeline jump for the human consciousness. This higher vibration has also allowed us to remove artificial Tree or Life architecture from our lightbody and Planetary Logos, and to replace it with the Universal 12 Tree Grid Divine Blueprint, which stops the manipulation of timelines and persecution against ascending humans. This opens us up to spiritual sovereignty and freedom.

This will be a week of Divine Intervention and restitution for the Divine Feminine collective. The recent grid clearings are allowing the liberation of the Divine Feminines from all those people who have abused them through energetic manipulation. People who have been determined to have their way without respecting the Divine Feminine's free will. A karmic balancing will take place, which will provide justice and divine restitution for the pain caused. All the energy which has been stolen to usurp the Divine Feminine's personality, blessings, talents and gifts will start to come back to them, bringing with it forgiveness and the release of old pain. This will also restore the Divine Feminines' authority within their community after having been discredited by those who persecuted them. Your time for greater inner freedom is coming to you now. You deserve this freedom and are becoming ready to reclaim it.

The Divine Masculines are experiencing a deep clearing of their patriarchal lineages. This is causing an emotional purification and energetic release of ancestral pain. Stay strong while you undergo this transition, connect with nature and disconnect from practical concerns at this time. This clearing is allowing the Divine Masculine collective reveal its true nature and find inner balance. They will get important downloads and revelations this week about patriarchal mechanisms and programs held by their communities which are not in resonance with the light of their soul. They are ready to embrace new ways to express their Divine Nature and leave behind fragmented masculine templates of enforcement and tyranny. The Divine Masculine collective is learning to be strong, merciful, powerful and wise in equal measure. As they align with the loving nature of their spirit, their energy field will grow stronger giving more impact to their words, actions, and thoughts.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Shifting Universes (7)

You are blessed with an opportunity to change gears, to change your life, to jump on the fast train! Let yourself go down that strange path opening up before you, without knowing what it is, even as you take your next step. Your universe is shifting and stranger, more beautiful worlds beckon. Why not go where you haven’t been before? You will find yourself there and realize you are more than what you once thought you were. This oracle has a message for you – if you are thinking of changing location, jobs, houses or attitudes, trying something new (especially if it is unusual for you) then the Universe is supporting you. Now is the time to accept what you didn’t expect!

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Dulce Gabriela.

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Hello dear friends! Most of my downloads come from my clairsentience, but my research about what I'm feeling comes from Ascension Glossary by Lisa Renee. If you'd like to learn more, check it out:

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