Twin Flames - Reading from Sep 9 to Sep 16, 2019.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the reading for the upcoming week.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies

The human collective is currently merging its consciousness with higher dimensional collectives that are also on the process of ascension, thus creating a powerful momentum and uplifting of universal consciousness. This is allowing the human collective to receive Emerald Sun DNA activations, which are granting access to the Oraphim and Guardian Founder records of our consciousness. This is bringing forth important activations and upgrades of the Emerald Sun Lightbody, which replaces the throat chakra with the Galactic Chakra (11th chakra) and activates the Yod of the Father (flow of Source energy through the right arm), enabling us to resurrect the Cosmic Holly Parent principle. This means that a new spectrum of frequency is pouring the Earth with healing energies around relationships and our connection to Source. These energies radiate infinite compassion to everyone who is open to receive them, which means that lost souls are being called back home to love. Part of the Emerald Order and Paliadorian Covenant mission is to retrieve all souls who have been disconnected from Source, so you might be attracting at this time energies that are seeking for healing and transmutation. Stay calm and acknowledge when the fear, anxiety and physical symptoms that you might be feeling at this time are coming from another being. It is an important time to ground your energy and connect with nature.

This week the Divine Feminines will step into the roles of ascension masters and spiritual teachers. Especially in regards to challenging connections with people who were unable to establish a balanced and fair relationship with the Divine Feminines. After a long time, the purpose of these connections will be revealed, because those who have neglected the Divine Feminine energy are ready to listen to her wisdom. They are now ready to let go of fear, control and conflict, in order to ascend to a heart chakra existence and the Divine Feminines will inspire them to open up to gratitude, compassion, and service to others. All the love and dedication that the Divine Feminines have sowed for the growth of everyone around them will bring healing, forgiveness, and the release of old pain. The Divine Feminines will be there to assist those who are about to move to a higher awareness, blessing them with help, clarity and direction. As the light of the Divine Feminine expands, the love of the Divine is able to touch the heart of many others and inspire them to live their divine destiny with greater bliss and creative fulfillment.

The Divine Masculines will go through important light activations this week. They will experience a powerful unification of their seventh chakra and violet ray frequencies with their Divine Feminines, that will gracefully sweep away any sadness and pain from their heart and soul. They will also release feelings of shame and guilt for moving away from a cycle of manipulation and unkindness. Forgive yourself, you haven't done anything wrong and it is your divine right to live into your potential with joy, freedom, and fulfillment. Your bravery is recognized for breaking stereotypes and social structures that no longer serve the expansion of consciousness. Your time for greater freedom is dawning, and the cleansing of sadness and old emotions is creating a pathway to that freedom now, which is manifesting as the creative and compassionate expression of your soul. You deserve this freedom, and you are swiftly becoming ready to claim it.

Message for both twins from the Journey of Love Deck: Heart of God (9)

You are a part of something profound, a divine calling and privilege. It is the role of inspiratrix or inspirator upon this earth, the women and men who have hearts capable of bliss. Bliss is what we feel when we let God in. The heart opens and we cannot speak for the sensation of it. It cannot be described! Great hearts can tolerate mystery. They can bear the enormity of divine bliss, beyond analysis and description, and simply be. You don’t have to do anything with it, you see. To be the inspiration is to have a heart open to the divine. It’s a life calling.

This oracle holds a message for you, direct from the Divine – you have a sacred purpose to fulfill upon this Earth, and it’s all sorted out. This situation, this issue, this awakening that you seek and are living even now, is held lovingly in the hands of the Divine Creator. The Creator says to you – “Leave it with me, it’s all unfolding in perfection. I am alive in your heart. I am your heart.”

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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Hello dear friends! Most of my downloads come from my clairsentience, but my research about what I'm feeling comes from Ascension Glossary by Lisa Renee. If you'd like to learn more, check it out:

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