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Updated: Jun 7

“When a person responds to the joys and sorrows of others as if they were his own, 

he has attained the highest state of spiritual union.” – (The Bhagavad Gita).

We live in a sensory world of transitory nature. Things existing in the physical reality are never permanent, and we get to experience them as pairs of opposites like cold and heat, pain and pleasure, soft and harsh, self and other, etc. Perhaps the major obstacle for the human race has been to cling to material objects and transitory situations with the illusion that they will last forever. However, with the passing of time, we come to the realization that those things we were holding onto so tightly, were not ours to keep. Ancient wisdom traditions have taught us to let go of attachments in order to live harmoniously in synchrony with the universe. This is because we can only achieve true freedom if we release the fear of losing the things that we identify ourselves with. And this comes with the highest challenge we can embrace as human beings: to let go of our ego. 

When we evolve in our spiritual path, we embark on a journey to let go of the false ideas we had about ourselves. We discover that we are not our status, our nationality, our political ideas, our limitations, our addictions... that those things are just labels that we decided to put on ourselves to let them define us. Anything that can define us through language is just a label and is never true at our core being: pretty, handsome, smart, ugly, fool, good or bad, etc., are human constructs based on social conditioning. The truth is that we are much more than that, because we are wonderful beings with the ability to love, create, imagine. The most precious gift we have is the capability to be aware of our own existence and ask the question "who am I?". The problem with this question is that if we are identifying ourselves with transitory things, we will always be afraid of non-existence because we know that eventually life will complete its cycle, and our egos will try everything they can to survive. And this means that the ego will drag us down to the world of polarity, suffering, and separation. Our egos will feel safe by acquiring more material possessions, by experiencing more pleasure, by wanting to control life, or gaining more power and status. This is because the ego is transitory, and the personality of the self is destined to come and go as those perishable things.

If we embrace the question "who am I?" with enough humility, we will see the truth beyond the illusion of separation. We will connect with our own spirit, and realize that we are immortal beings of pure light. And most importantly, we will realize the connectedness among everything that exists. We will understand that for the self to experience itself, there must be another, thus gaining awareness of the consciousness that exists between them because they depend on each other to exist. The false "I", which is based in a transitory personality dissolves, and we realize that everything in the universe is correlated to the unity of its parts and that the only thing that holds everything together is love. This will open us up to the infinite source of creation,  which will allow us to perceive our true self. Only by letting go the false "I" of personality, we can penetrate the mysteries of the cosmos because we align with that pure love that holds everything together and we allow the universe to come into being through our own existence. And this is when miracles happen in our lives, because the universal forces will always support us on our pursuit of the expansion of consciousness.

Why is humility necessary to achieve this level of consciousness? Because only that way we can give up the need to receive acknowledgement and recognition for our actions. It is not the false "I" who achieves its goals, but the universe through us. We must let go of the attachment to the results and the need to receive rewards for our deeds. If we open our hearts to be vehicles of pure love, we will become capable of things we can't conceive. We will become instruments of peace, joy, balance, truth, compassion, love. As Confucius once said, "humility is the solid foundation of all virtues." This doesn't mean that we would lose our sense of self-awareness. On the contrary, it will expand and allow us to experience more bliss, by learning that the true reward in life resides more in giving than receiving. But we must be willing to let go of our fears in order to experience oneness with the universe. An easy way to do this is by recognizing that fears are created by the ego in its pursuit of survival, but they are transitory as well. If we know that fear can never hurt our true self which is immortal and nonperishable, it would lose control over our lives.

If we can let go of the false ideas we have about ourselves, we will become the ultimate enjoyer of life. We will be capable to live fully in the present moment, experiencing consciousness with an open heart without being attached to the outcome. We would be capable of enjoying our existence in the physical reality without attachment to transitory things, trusting that everything that happens to us is divinely guided by the universal mind of creation, which would support us and protect us at all times. By letting go of the false image of ourselves, our actions would gain the purity they need to heal everything around us, thus fulfilling our destiny to work selflessly for the well being of humankind through love. Only love can dissolve the false masks of the ego, because only pure love is real. 

Thanks for joining me!

With love,  Dulce Gabriela.

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