Twin Flames - Service to others and the fourth density

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." 

- Mahatma Gandhi.

Planet Earth and all its inhabitants are undergoing a massive transformation and transition to the fourth density (known to many people as the fifth dimension), which is a vibratory state of love and unity consciousness. In this state, the old ways of being of the third density such as lack, violence, fear, control, victimhood, anger, etc., are being cleansed and released from the collective consciousness. Everyone is being urged at this time to choose between love or fear as the frequency of the planet keeps rising, causing the collapse of old structures and patterns based on negative ego behaviors. As we experience this powerful transformation through this Ascension Cycle, the human race will have to align with service to others instead of service to self practices. Service to self has been the way many beings on this planet have been operating in the past thousands of years, which consists on overpowering others to make them give up their freedom and will. Fortunately, the lessons of this level of consciousnesses have been learned by most of the population, and we are ready to experience new ways of being based on love and understanding. 

The evolution of consciousness occurs in a progressive way. All beings have to learn the lessons of each level of density throughout their personal journeys. All densities are perfect from the Creator's point of view and serve a purpose of growth and expansion of the soul. Each aspect of consciousness takes this journey to become aware of itself and be able to achieve unity with all there is in the whole Creation. Our ultimate lesson is to embody the understanding that we are one with the universe, that all things emanate from the same source, and that everyone is a fragment of that source. For this reason everything is divine, and everything serves the unity of the One. Polarized experiences of life, such as those ones found in the third density level of consciousness, serve as well the One by facilitating experiences that will push us forward to understanding ourselves and others. Suffering is a way of transcending separation within and without ourselves. It is a doorway to our expansion of freedom and remembrance of our true selves. Only through softness we can understand harshness, only through fear we can understand love. Polar opposites are vehicles to balance and oneness. 

To enter the fourth density vibrational experience, we must first be grateful for all the lessons the third density vibrational experience has granted us. This level of consciousness has given us the opportunity to experience self-consciousness and claim back our sovereignty and true freedom. It has provided a physical experience in which our souls have learned forgiveness, bravery, hope, faith, intuition, strength, mastery, justice, etc. Amidst all darkness, love and light have always prevailed on the Earth propelling the human evolution to higher levels of awareness. All experiences have always provided lessons for everyone involved, teaching us the importance of unity, compassion, kindness, equanimity, balance, etc. Non-judgment has had a crucial role in this experience, because it is only through understanding that love can arise. All the conflicts of this planet have been the result of the judgment and separation between sexes, races, religions, politics, nations, etc. At that time we didn't have the full understanding that all those things that we perceive to be different from us, are but another expression of our own being... that everything is equal, that everything is an expression of the Divine. 

So now that all those lessons have been learned, our souls are encouraging us to drop any remanence of separation within us so we can step into the new ways of being and create new realities of community and service to others. Service to others is the way to stabilize our frequency in the fourth density vibrational experience, because to procure others is to promote the connectedness among all beings. By serving others, we are also serving ourselves and the Divine, because we create genuine bonds of love, harmony, and unity consciousness. We understand that all beings are important and unique in the vast creation of existence, and that we depend on each other to build a future based on the highest good of all. This way we can embody the understanding that "If you truly loved yourself you would never harm another," as stated by Buddha. So the base line of this state of consciousness is self love, because only through loving ourselves we can love truly another.  

The New Earth is waiting for us to make the shift and embrace a new life without fear and separation. We have been waiting thousands of incarnations for this moment in which we are being called to unite and work as one to release old programs and limiting belief systems. It is a privilege to be part of this planetary shift, and it is up to us to make this transition embodying our highest truth and purpose with the realization of our true power. It is time to ask ourselves "how may I be of service to others?" Whatever your answer is, remember to do everything with an open and loving heart. You have the capacity to aid so many others in their transition to the fourth density experience by sharing your compassion, gifts, and talents to all. You are key on this Ascension Cycle, and just by being present on this planet at this time you have a unique opportunity to make an enormous contribution to the whole universe, because by healing yourself, you heal all aspects of creation. By assisting others, you assist all the universe.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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