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"The Creator, in taking infinite pains to shroud with mystery His presence in every atom of creation, could have had but one motive - a sensitive desire that men seek Him only through free will."

– Yogananda.

All the events that woven the evolution of our lives will always bring up a question when we go through the awakening process. It is undoubtedly that there is a perfect evolution and interconnection of events that shape who we are now and our present reality. When we look back at our past we understand that all the experiences we've been through have served a purpose for growth and expansion of the soul. And so, we wonder if the play of life is based upon divine order or free will. Is our presence in this universe part of a divine plan or mere choice based on natural selection? It is not easy to find an absolute answer to this question since it is impossible to deny the existence of a divine order beyond the comprehension of the mind that ensures the development and evolution of consciousness. On the other side, we can't deny either the existence of free will choice through a human experience. We always have the freedom to choose how we wish to proceed in life. Therefore, perhaps the best answer to this question would be that there is a perfect balance between both alternatives. We are free to make choices for our growth and expansion in a universe ruled by divine order, perfection, and synchronicity.

The reason we can't deny the existence of free will is because all individuals have always a primal choice that defines their entire evolution: we can always choose between evolving our consciousness through the Service to Self or Service to Others paths. This choice is always present at any given time, and is what brings life to the universe. Without this dance between self and oneness, the possibility to co-create experiences for further growth and polarization of consciousness would not exist. We might wonder if our free will is limited. We know that we can choose how to think, how to act, how to feel... but can we really choose the important events that seem to be predestined in our lives? Quantum studies show that the electromagnetic field of our heart has the capacity to shift the way quantum particles react to our beliefs and feelings. These particles also have the potential to change their form in the past, present and future timelines when the electromagnetic fields that contain them are altered (Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix Part 1). In words of Gregg Braden, "Quantum particles can communicate with themselves in the past and in the future [...] Our belief translates the quantum possibilities that we imagine into the physical reality of our world [...]. A feeling is actually creating waves of electrical and magnetic energy in your heart that changes your body and changes your world." Our hearts not only have the capacity to shift our present reality, but also to heal our past and project a better future. We have the power within to transform the entire progression of our consciousness. From this perspective, we can definitely say that our experiences are woven by our free will, and it all comes down to the free will of choosing the vibration we project out into the world: love or fear.    

When we choose to shine the light of our hearts without fear, sadness, anxiety, etc..., we become capable to magnetize to us the realities that we wish to experience. However, when we choose to engage in lower level emotions and vibrations, we accept to participate in the game of separation of consciousness. In this state of awareness we feel that we have lost our power of creation and that we are victims of our environment, external circumstances, and the reactions of others. When we give away the power of our heart and feelings, an illusion is created in which we are not in control of what happens to us, thus we relinquish our free will to choose a different reality. But all beings have the possibility at all times to activate a heart filled with love, light, and joy. When this happens, nothing is able to harm the individual because the electromagnetic fields of his/her heart will create a protection from lower vibrations. Not even all the darkness of the universe can dim the light of an open heart. All energetic interference can be dissolved by allowing our hearts to expand their energy field through unconditional love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. The power of a high vibrational heart has the capacity to change the entire course of existence because it becomes a conduit for Infinite Intelligence, which can alter quantum particles, as well as the present, past and future of all beings. We always have free will, and it resides on reclaiming our power as conscious creators of our reality.

Another point to take into consideration has to do with the divine order of things. In the paradox of life the mystery of perfection behind it all is always latent. How can everything in the universe be so perfectly calculated even amidst the free will of each individual? It is true that there is a deeper layer of free will, which has to do with the will of the Divine or the One Infinite Creator. Everything that happens in the universe is God's will all the time. There was a primal choice within consciousness that intended to create a veil of separation or illusion from the knowing of oneness. The purpose of this choice was to create separation in order to experience what would it be like to evolve into wholeness and completion again. The process of soul enlightenment consists on realizing that all parts of existence are connected to the Divine Creator at all times. All is one and there is no separation. When the choice to experience separation was made, the universal consciousness expanded itself into infinite possibilities. All possibilities and outcomes for each individual and the whole universe have already been calculated by the universal mind. We can imagine this field of infinite possibilities as a motherboard that contains all the information that powers up all realities and the flow of consciousness. How does free will fit into this when we know that all timelines have been already calculated? The free will consists in choosing the flow of our awareness throughout the timelines. We always have the choice to shift in and out of timelines and align our consciousness to different vibrational realities. Let's say that the stage has been set in advance, but we are the directors of our own play. We always get to choose how our consciousness travels within the field of the universal mind. In this sense we can affirm that our existence is a co-creation. Everything we experience is woven by our personal choices and feelings, and it is powered by a far superior Source of consciousness that makes possible the experience of life.

As we evolve in our ascension path, we become capable to reclaim our power and sovereignty as creator beings. We take back the power to choose what we really want to experience instead of living by the rules and systems of others. This realization is only possible when we understand that we are always co-creating with the universal mind. We are not outside of our desired manifestation, we are a conjunct process of infinite intelligence navigating through infinite possibilities. Just as Gregg Braden has told us, "What you believe about yourself, what you believe about me, what you believe about your world, about your relationship to God, about peace on this Earth, is creating what is happening on this Earth right now. Beliefs change our physical world! Beliefs change matter." It is our quest for deeper meaning and truth what opens up our hearts to the divine power of creation. We are never prisoners of our realities. There is always the free will choice to shift timelines, change the course of our consciousness and shape the evolution of our existence.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.


The Language of the Divine Matrix Part 1 by Gregg Braden, Il Colle Milan Conference, 30th of May 2007:

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