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Updated: Apr 23, 2019

“Forgiveness is a gift to yourself. It frees you from the past, past experiences, and past relationships. It allows you to live in the present time. When you forgive yourself and forgive others, you are indeed free. There is a tremendous sense of freedom that comes with forgiveness.” – Louise Hay.

Guilt is a destructive emotion that can block us from experiencing bliss in our lives. It is often the result of self sabotaging thinking patterns in which we recriminate ourselves for our past actions and ways of relating to others. To feel guilt is to judge ourselves for the way we have been, without seeing the healing opportunity that exists in a certain situation. This judgment will keep us looped in our past, stopping us from creating new fulfilling experiences. We might try to fight, ignore, or resist the situations that make us feel guilty but it is only by clearing the emotional blockage that the experience can change.

When we feel guilty about something we are not understanding the higher purpose behind the situation that is causing the emotion, thus blocking our higher awareness from bringing the healing required to move forward on our spiritual evolution. In this emotional state we are unable to perceive the perfection of each experience and the higher purpose it serves for the expansion of our souls. Judging an experience as good or bad, only stops us from perceiving the growth it brings for ourselves and everyone around us. In this sense, we could say that by judging an experience we are judging the universe for orchestrating things in a way that seems irrational to us. But it is the judgment of a situation what makes it good or bad, black or white, etc. The situation in itself is neutral and creates interactions to propitiate learning and healing for the Self.

There are many levels of guilt which can cause blockages in our chakra system. For example, feeling guilty about our existence creates a blockage in the root chakra (this is common if we are born in families that didn’t want to have children), feeling guilty about the things that we do to others creates a blockage in the sacral chakra (often caused by actions of victimization and control over others), feeling guilty about our emotions and the way we make others feel creates a blockage in the solar plexus (often caused by acts of manipulation), feeling guilty about our identity and who we are creates a blockage in the heart chakra (often created by feeling “not enough”), feeling guilty about the things we say or keep quiet creates a blockage in our throat chakra (often caused by allowing abusive behaviors without speaking our truth), feeling guilty about what we see creates a blockage in our third eye chakra (often caused by being unable to perceive unity among polar opposites and develop compassion), and having a blockage in any of the chakras mentioned above stops us from activating our crown chakra, which is the knowing of oneness at the core of the universe. Guilt linked to a chakra will stop the flow of energy not only in the chakra that is holding the emotion, but also in the chakras existing above. This blockage will remain stored in our chakra system and keep us looped in the same karmic cycles until we transcend the emotion and self-sabotaging thinking patterns.

To transcend guilt it is important to acknowledge that it is a fabrication of our thoughts. In a strict sense, guilt doesn’t exist. It is an illusion of the ego because for our innermost Self, all experiences are perfect, sacred, and divine. For the universal mind, judgments of good or bad are inexistent because all is love and all serves the unity of the One. When this emotion arises we can neutralize it by acknowledging that things had to be a certain way for the greatest good of everyone involved and that they couldn’t have been different. This can only come with the understanding that all experiences are necessary to teach us something, and it is only through that learning that we can evolve to become our true selves. Those experiences are teaching us that our existence is divine, that our actions are sacred, that our emotions deserve to be acknowledged, that we are enough, that we are safe to express our truth, and that everybody deserves love and compassion. With that learning we allow universal forces to flow through our chakras and create healing experiences for ourselves and others. As a result we can then transform our actions and heal what we once perceived as “mistakes”, but are in reality just experiences that are propelling us to a higher awareness. Once we raise our frequency, we don’t have to experience situations of a lower vibration anymore. But to achieve this, we must forgive ourselves for those times in which we were not fully honoring life and seeing all experiences as learning opportunities.

Once we transcend our own emotions we are then able to understand others as well. We stop judging others for the things they do because we understand that we are all part of a learning process in which we help each other remember the pure love and light of our being. This compassion is what causes the healing of the Self, because it is only when we put ourselves in other’s shoes that unity consciousness can arise. It is only then that we can perceive the connectedness among everything that exists and honor everyone as a creator being. When we understand that all beings of creation are in the process of expanding their consciousness to a higher awareness and have the potential to embody Infinite Intelligence, we honor the Divine in them. Guilt or any other destructive emotion can’t coexist in that level of awareness because separation dissolves. Only love and unity prevails.

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Dulce Gabriela.

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