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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

“We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.” ― Khalil Gibran. 

Have you ever felt different from other people? Or found it really difficult to belong to society and its expectations? Have you ever had a deep desire to serve others and the evolution of the planet? Have you found it difficult to accept injustices or understand the violence and separation of a polarized world? If you have ever felt like a stranger in the world chances are you are a Wanderer. Wanderers are higher density beings who come from other planets, solar systems, galaxies, and even other universes, to assist beings who are in the process of shifting their consciousness to a higher awareness. They come from more evolved civilizations that have already learned the lessons of love, kindness, acceptance, peace, self mastery, compassion, oneness, etc. They come to less evolved environments because they have a deep desire to assist others on their evolutionary path. Their love for the whole Creation is so great, that they choose to sacrifice their peace and balance so that they can bring the love and light of their heart to those who accept it. They are often the hackers of the system, the rule breakers, and the ones who show compassion and unconditional love to others. They lead the way for the transformation of the collective consciousness through their example and multiple talents and gifts.

Because these beings are higher density beings, they are old and wise souls. They have been where humans are now, and they have learned the lessons that propelled them forward in the direction of truth and compassion. They know that we are all connected, and that we are all one. For this reason they are determined to never leave someone behind on their journey. If we all grow together, we all expand the potentials of the Creation. If one is left behind, all beings in the cosmos are dragged down on their path as well. Wanderers are often very skilled people with many talents and abilities which they have gathered throughout their multiple past lives. They often have a loving and joyful vibration at their core being, because despite of all the challenges they face, the light and love of their heart is so strong that they are unstoppable. 

However, in planets so polarized as the Earth, it is easy to get caught up in the ego mind, even for Wanderers. This happens because Wanderers agree before incarnation to forget everything they know and who they truly are, so that they won't violate other's free will. If they were coexisting among others with all their supernatural powers activated, they would destroy the conventionalized laws and rules of a planet. So the mission they have in life is to pierce the veiling process and remember little by little why are they here. If a Wanderer doesn't remember that he/she is on a mission to raise the consciousness of the hosting planet,  he or she is in danger to remain stuck in a density that is inharmonious to their being. The universe will try everything possible to wake a Wanderer up from the third density illusion, but if the Wanderer chooses fear over love, he/she will most likely create karma that will need to be balanced before going back to their home planet.

Many Wanderers are still confused about their mission on Planet Earth and the best way they can serve the Creator. Their mission can be summarized in the following words: to help increase the number of human beings who choose to shift their consciousness to the fourth density vibrational experience (love and understanding). Some do it by teaching, sharing, serving as examples of love and compassion, anchoring higher frequencies of light on the Earth through their body, activating other people's DNA through their presence, balancing the feminine and masculine energies within them, or clearing other people's timelines thorough their energy field. They are here to serve as examples on how to choose love over fear. But it is important to remember that this honorable quest has to come from a place of purity and unconditional love. A Wanderer must remember that appearances, status, financial gain, and egoic desires are not in alignment with their purpose and intention. They didn't come here to conquer the rewards of a material world, they came here to show the love and light of another world. If they shine their light bright with an open heart, the universe will provide for them all the abundance and resources they need to achieve their mission. Wanderers are always supported by the universal force that encourages the expansion of consciousness.

If you are reading this article, you are most probably a Wanderer. It might have been difficult for you to relate to others and fit in social groups or communities. Remember at this time to move away from hardship, obstacles, and alienation. You have the capacity to transform entire civilizations through your light, so trust in yourself and be an example of unconditional love and unity consciousness through this Ascension Cycle on planet Earth. Remember who you are, and remember that you are here because you love humanity and this planet. This way you won't let anything bring you down. Thank you so much for your service to this planet. The whole universe acknowledges your bravery and inner light. 

Thanks for joining me! With love,  Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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