Twin Flames - What is Ascension?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

"Unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God." – (John 3:3).

We received a very interesting question through our contact page so we decided to write an article about it. We talk a lot about Ascension in the Twin Flame community, but there is not a lot of information explaining what it is. So I will attempt to share my experience about it hoping it may assist you on your journey. 

So, the question was: what is Ascension and how does it relate to Kundalini awakening? For what I've experienced, Ascension is the purification of your consciousness so it can reach higher levels of awareness, until it becomes Pure Consciousness. It is the process of embodying more light and love in your being, until you are able to embody God's light and love. It is a very intense process, because to be able to reach that state, we must first free ourselves from old baggage, clear all past karma and wounds, and master the Zero-Point field. 

The Zero-Point field is the ability to remain neutral on every circumstance, knowing that everything that has happened, has been in accordance to the Divine Plan. It is the full surrender to fact that God has orchestrated the play of life in such a magnificent way that enables every fragment of consciousness to become aware of itself and reach the state of Pure Consciousness. 

In this process, you will be tested to your limits until you drop all belief systems and limitations. You will go through many dark nights of the soul, because to reach higher levels of understanding, we must die to our old self again and again, until we allow ourselves to be renewed through love. The more that you do this, the more you'll be able to hold higher frequencies of light in your body and perceive yourself as a multidimensional being. This will open your chakras (energy centers), and increase your psychic abilities. Many people experience the kundalini awakening after meeting their twin flames. This is because the energetic vibrational match causes a strong recognition between the energy fields of both twins. This activates each other and triggers the connection with Infinite Intelligence. The Kundalini awakening is the marrying of the trinity within your own body (feminine, masculine, and Source). It is the cosmos connecting to your inner being through the feminine and masculine energies within you in perfect balance. 

To Ascend is to clear yourself so you can become again pure love and return to Mother/Father God (as you were in your original state of consciousness). It is to give up negative thinking patterns, fear, envy, jealousy, anger, sadness, anxiety, and polarity expressions of life. That is why the Twin Flame template is a very tough mission, because your are mainly doing the polarity integration of two energies into oneness. In the Ascension process, there is a point where you will experience the marrying between you and your twin in the etheric planes, also known as Hieros Gamos or Divine Marriage. Some people will Ascend through a solo template. It’s not imperative that your twin is incarnated at the same time as you to Ascend, but the twin flame template is a faster way to clear your energy.

Remember to do the inner work and release any negative emotions that are holding you back. Your twin is not trying to hurt you, on the contrary, he/she is helping you bring all negative patterns to the surface so you can release them and Ascend. Your main mission as a Twin Flame is to Ascend, because if you can heal all the shadows inside of you, the whole world will find the way back into the light. 

You are a warrior of the light, and you were chosen for this because God knew that you were strong enough to do it. So acknowledge how far you've come, have patience with yourself and your twin, and continue walking to the goal!

Thanks for joining me! With love and light, Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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