Twin Flames - What is multidimensionality?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

"Because you have seen Me, you have believed; 

blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." – (John 20:29).

The physical reality can be sometimes deceiving to the eyes. What you experience at a moment and space in time, may not be an organic reality. Not everything you see is real. This is because consciousness is fluid. The great illusion of life is to believe that time is linear, that there is a past, a future, and that everything you experience with your senses emerges from a single timeline: a sequence of events that seem to be perfectly ordered and have a beginning and an end. The truth is that there is no beginning and no end, everything happens in the Now moment. Consciousness recreates itself continuously here and now. For many twin flames, the Ascension process can be confusing sometimes, because many people report witnessing different versions of their twin. As if their twin would have some kind of bipolar disorder: one moment they are kind, and a few seconds later they turn into anger or rejection. This is because you are interacting with versions of them that exist in other dimensions since you need to collapse those realities in order to be with your beloved in a harmonious union. Throughout our various incarnations, we have suffered trauma as a result of not holding a neutral state of consciousness when those timelines happened (the Nephilim wars, Atlantis, Egypt, the Galactic Wars, the crusades, the Medieval Period, the world wars, among many others). These traumatic experiences fragmented our consciousness and kept it trapped in different space-time continuums. This is the reason why we have memory: because we are still attached to those moments in time that left a scar in our souls. But truly enlightened people live absolutely present. Their awareness is totally in the now moment, because they have transcended the illusion of time.  When you started your Ascension process, you began to be more aware of your multidimensionality because you started holding higher frequencies of light. You also initiated a retrieval of all parts of your consciousness, as well as all parts of your twin's consciousness. The more you work on your healing, the more you are able to bring your energy back to yourself and start converging all realities into a single point of expression. Since this process is very intense (because you have to witness all past expressions of your twin and future potentials), many twin flames have to go through physical separation on their journey. Some others have to work on these issues through polarity expressions of themselves, which can be very challenging because friction and arguments can arise from these interactions. To retrieve all parts of our consciousness it is necessary to reach a neutral state where we can understand that those traumatic events from our past lives had a purpose for growth and expansion of consciousness. That ultimately all the suffering we have experienced has given us so many lessons of unconditional love, kindness, and acceptance. By doing this, we become able to stop judging those events, and because we are all one and everything is connected, we stop judging ourselves in result. This is true enlightenment, to see beyond the illusion and understanding that everything has served the experience of life. That the suffering we have gone through has grated us the opportunity to experience the beauty of love; that by facing our own darkness, we've had the opportunity to perceive the beauty of light.  Don't let your eyes deceive you. I have friends who have reported seeing appearing-disappearing objects. This is because you are jumping in and out of frequencies: you are jumping in and out of timelines. In a personal experience, I've received an email around 2 am in the morning from someone who seemed to know me and apparently was my client. I didn't know this person but she was giving me feedback of a reading. I read the email, and next morning when I woke up, the email was completely gone. It vanished. This is because I've never met that person in this reality. But I was witnessing something that was happening in another timeline. If your twin is in a karmic relationship in a timeline you are seeing, he/she is also single in another one. Realities are fluid. You and your twin exist in at least twelve dimensions in this plane of existence. The more you heal your energy, and your DNA gets restored to its full potential, the more you will be able to feel yourself as a multidimensional being. The more you ascend, the more you will be able to bring all realities to the Now moment. This is necessary to manifest your union in harmony and balance. When this happens, you will become the magician of your life and you will be able to experience instant manifestation. You will be able to create whatever you want to experience in your life. Keep doing your inner work and see the world through your heart. See beyond the illusion of time and matter. You are an eternal being of pure light.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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