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Updated: Jun 6

“The part can never be well until the whole is well."

– Plato.

When we advance in our spiritual path the awareness of our interrelation with everything that exists in the universe becomes more evident. We come to the realization that what we do as individuals, affects the consciousness of the whole. A good way to understand the connectedness among all aspects of creation is by looking at our DNA, which is the hereditary material that composes the potential of consciousness for all living organisms. DNA structures contain the records of all our ancestors, as well as information about our evolution and biological functions. Not only does DNA contain information about the physical manifestation of life, but it is also the vehicle which gives us access to higher dimensions and allows us to reach higher levels of consciousness. Our DNA connects us to our multidimensionality, and so the more DNA strands are available to our consciousness, the more stations of identity (or lightbodies) become accessible to us.

The original genetic DNA imprint for humanity, known as the Silicate Matrix, was designed to grant access to 12 DNA strands. This original angelic human blueprint, also known as the Diamond Sun Body, would allow us to experience multi-dimensional travel and existence without disease and deterioration of the physical form (Ascension Glossary, Silicate Matrix). As part of the history of planet Earth, humanity got unplugged from its original Divine Blueprint, being left with only two DNA strands active, losing in this way most of the potential of its consciousness. Part of the Ascension process consists on rehabilitating our DNA through light upgrades and activations to reverse all mutations that resulted from genetic manipulation and the digression of consciousness. As we upgrade our lightbodies, the same happens to our DNA imprints. Many starseeds volunteered to incarnate on planet Earth during this Ascension Cycle precisely to rehabilitate the human DNA and restore its Divine Blueprint. This is possible because they hold higher strands of DNA, since they come from higher dimensions. When they incarnate in a lower density planet, they maintain alive the potential of the Angelic Human Blueprint because they come with the potential of their original DNA and stations of identity. This also allows them to make corrections to collective timelines and fields of consciousness.

When a starseed starts the process of DNA rehabilitation, he or she will enter a cleansing process of all distortions that are affecting the collective consciousness. This is because we are all connected through our DNA. Our ancestral lines are not limited to our relatives in human form, and thus a DNA clearing will impact as well ancestral lineages that come from other star systems and dimensions. Mankind has been the race in this universe with more genetic entanglements with other races and living organisms. This puts humanity in a privileged position to lead the universal ascension to higher dimensions. The more that humanity is able to elevate its consciousness, the more other beings and races will be able to do the same. The human DNA is the library of all genetic material of this Universal Time Matrix, which means that we are connected to all parts of creation. So when we enter a process of DNA purification, we will also become conduits of healing for all the other races that are connected to the human blueprint.

This process becomes extreme when some distortions affect the whole human collective. For example, the reason why most people on the planet suffer from pain in the right knee, is because the masculine energy from our ancestral lines has suffered an energetic imbalance as a result of templates of patriarchal domination and tyranny (Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis). The knee pain represents the unwillingness to be flexible; the rigidness to impose our will onto others. Many people carry this pain without realizing that it is an energetic imbalance of the masculine energy, and this means that no matter how many medications we take, the pain will persist if we don't address the energetic blockages. We are not only connected to all the people with whom we share our DNA, but also to the planetary Logos of all the places we have been incarnated. For example, people who were incarnate during the cataclysm that caused the explosion of planet Tara (5D Earth), have severe back pains. They still carry the trauma of that experience in their light bodies, which was transferred to them by the planetary Logos. Once we become able to heal those blocks and imbalances within ourselves, we create a healing template for all those who have come before us, as well as for generations to come. During this process, many starseeds feel the souls of their ancestors coming to them to receive the new healing templates they've created. It's like creating a new blueprint that is able to erase all previous distortions and gives all beings the opportunity to have a different experience. If one heals, all heal.

To better address all the energetic imbalances of the collective consciousness, we must realize that we are always connected to the whole. There is no way to live our existence apart from the rest and achieve well-being, since we will always be expressions of the entire universe through our DNA. This gives us an opportunity to birth responsibility towards the well-being of all creatures, because their imbalances are ours as well. If we are not healing all the templates that are holding us back, we are propitiating their expansion by accepting them as a way of living. We have the power to heal entire generations when we choose love and forgiveness over fear and separation. The reason why starseeds accepted this challenge of DNA rehabilitation is because they love humanity and honor all life. This is the meaning of wholeness: to acknowledge our connection to everything that exists and honor it with love and compassion.

Thanks for joining me!

With love, 

Dulce Gabriela.

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Silicate Matrix from Ascension Glossary by Lisa Renee:

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