Twin Flames - Why do we judge?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

"Many of the faults you see in others, dear reader, 

are your own nature reflected in them. " ~ Rumi.

Why do we judge if God doesn’t judge us? Mother/Father God loves all of us unconditionally for who we are. So why do we take the position of judges and slam our opinion against others? Because they are reflecting back at us something we don’t accept about ourselves. Sometimes we place hard judgments on people without knowing their stories and what they have been through. The same way around, sometimes we are the receivers of judgments that bring us down. A lot of damage can be caused by the power of words.

We can only see what’s inside of us. If our hearts are filled with love, we will see love all around us. Great masters like Jesus or Buddha expanded their consciousness in such a way that they were able to perceive pure love in every atom. Because they knew that we are all one, and that we are all connected. And that’s why they never became judges of others. They were pure love and acceptance.

On the other side, if we have fear, we will judge in others the things that make us afraid, without realizing that fear lies within us. If we hate or blame others, it is because there is something that we hate or blame about ourselves. Something we don’t forgive us for. But if we could see that fear in itself is an illusion, all judgments would vanish. Judgment is only the reflection of the intolerance within ourselves.

The key to mastery is non-judgment. Realizing that nothing is good or bad, it just is. Everything is a divine creation in perfect alignment with the divine will. We can recall these words from Buddha: “To understand everything is to forgive everything.” Everything that has happened to us has taught us an important lesson for our self growth, but every lesson is something to be applied within ourselves. You will not find anything outside of you, because everything in this universe is within yourself.

If we were able to see the perfection, even on those things or situations that make us feel uncomfortable, we would be able to forgive the things we don’t accept. We would be able to establish communities where everybody is respected for who they are. Many wars and conflicts have arisen because we don’t accept the opinion of others. Some people claim to have the only truth of life because of what is written in a book or for what other people say. What if everything was true depending on the level of perception? Everything is true depending on the eyes that are looking. That's why we should find our own truth and align with it, and at the same time respect everyone else's truth from their level of consciousness.

In the end, everything is an expression of love. The things we perceive as bad bring tremendous growth for the people around them. Those things teach us how to love unconditionally. They teach us how God loves us for who we are without trying to change us. See the world through your heart and you will perceive the beauty of oneness. 

Thanks for joining me! With love and light, Dulce Gabriela.

*Remember to credit the author if you share this information. Thanks!

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