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For this reading I use Oracle cards to bring messages of what your Higher Self and team of guides would like you to know at this time so that you can move forward on your journey. This reading focuses on bringing you messages from your guides regarding your and your twin's current situation, what your guides want you to know, and if there is something that can be healed to enhance the connection. I always do the readings concerning the present moment and the current situation to help facilitate better choices in the now. That's why my readings focus on the healing of the person who is asking.


The readings are sent via email as written text along with the pictures of your spreads. The only information I need for the reading is your full name and your twin's name if you know it. I'll contact you via email after your purchase to gather this information, or you can send it right after your payment to contact@sacredconvergence.com.


Readings are sent within 48 to 96 hours after purchase.


Much love!

Dulce Gabriela

Twin Flame Spread