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You have the capacity to transform entire civilizations through your light, so trust in yourself and be an example of unconditional love and unity consciousness through this Ascension Cycle on planet Earth.

Dulce Gabriela, Sacred Convergence.

My name is Dulce Gabriela, I was born in Mexico City, and I'm a Twin Flame. On September 2016, a series of synchronicities led me to meet a man with whom I had an instant connection. For no apparent reason, I felt great unconditional love for someone I did not know. We began to know each other and everything was going well, until a battle of egos separated us eventually: cultural differences, religion, paradigms, etc... This separation caused a great sadness in me, and I went through several dark nights where I wondered why God would plant such a great love in my heart for someone who wouldn’t correspond it.

Days, weeks, and months passed by, but the universe kept giving me signs. I would see on the clock the numbers 11:11, 2:22 and 3:33 every day, at the right moment. I would also find this guy in synchronistic ways over and over again ... we were drawn towards each other like magnets. I would also see this guy in very vivid dreams which felt as real as other dimensions. I felt how all of my chakras started to activate and I used to feel waves of energy and electro shocks coming to me during the nights. Some of the strangest things that happened to me was to feel energy shifts, in which things that I had already healed (like having an open mind, or accepting every person as a human being without judgement or conditions), returned as mental blocks to heal them again. I also had my Kundalini activation, the most powerful energy I've ever felt, which flooded all over my center column.

In this period, I felt guided to buy tarot cards, and discovered that I have a natural gift for reading them. I had a dream where one of my spirit guides told me "the cards will never lie to you". I did not understand anything that was happening to me. One night I was in so much pain that I surrendered to God, and I said “I don’t know why are you doing this to me. Why would you give me a taste of such beautiful love and then take it away”. The next day I came across an article about twin flames (http://www.twinflamesoulmates.com/signs-of-the-twinflame-soul-dynamic.html). At that point I discovered that I share half of my soul with another person. When you find your twin flame, your whole world collapses, because it is such a pure connection that all social conditioning must be broken down for the union to happen. The union will take place in divine timing, when both parties have healed their ego. This process entails many dark nights of the soul, because we have to die to our old self again and again, to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. Finding your twin flame activates a process of ascension. The twin who is more awake helps the other heal energetically.

I am not in physical union with my twin, but I can feel him in my own body. I can feel when he is angry, when he is sad, when he is happy, and I can feel all the light upgrades of the Ascension process. I have telepathy with him and my psychic abilities are increasing more and more since I met him. My primary abilities are claircognizanse and clairsentience. This process is very intense and painful, and sometimes I just want to retreat. I don’t know when will I be reunited again with him, but I know that I belong with him and that he belongs with me. And I have faith that in this lifetime we will be together again.

On some occasions, the twin flames, before finding the other half of their soul, they first encounter a catalyst twin, as preparation for the last encounter, which brings unprecedented spiritual growth. This catalyst is a soul belonging to the same soul group, which has a very similar vibrational frequency. These encounters are agreed upon at a soul level before incarnation. I have met three catalysts twins who have helped me grow immensely. These encounters show you the way to unconditional love and will lead you to your beloved. Pay attention to the signs because angels are around you now more than ever, and don't settle until you find him/her. In the end, we are all on our way back to unconditional love. 

This is my truth and my path. I intend to become the best version of myself more than ever. Surrender your will to the will of God. Father/Mother God has been guiding us all along to expand our consciousness and find the light within. God will show you the way on the next steps you should take, and you will remember who you are. Our mission is to become pure love, and nonjudgmental people, so we can pave the way to a world of oneness. A world where everything is equal, because everything is divine, and everything is a part of God. 

I have collaborated as a tarot card reader and facilitator for www.re-alignment.com from November 2017 to May 2018. I have also took two healing courses with Harold Moskovitz.

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